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Astronomicallee x Visual Addiction, by The Master’s Touch

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Broadmoor sits high atop one of the rolling hill overlooking the beautiful Lehigh Valley of south central Pennsylvania. The farm is surrounded by fields lush with wheat, soybeans and the sweetest corn one could ever hope to enjoy on a late summer picnic.

Stand And Deliver as he romps throught a fresh field rye. This phenominaol stallion is not only a world chanpion, but a producer of national and world chanpions as well. Contact us today for more information about breeding your mare(s) to this or any of our awesome Morgan.

Broadmoor is known for close relationships with all their clients. This photograph finds some of the Broadmoor gang joining Mike and Dwayne for a romp around NYC. They enjoy everything from fine meals to Broadway shows.

Broadmoor is never difficult to find at horseshows, just ask any one you see in the stable area and they are sure to know the way to Broadmoor. If no one is available to ask for directions, just look for the vibrant blue and red banners.

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We are very pleased and excited to have such a tremendous number of high quality Morgans for sale. It takes years of breeding the right studs to the right mares to accomplish the magic that happens when horses of the quality we have listed here become available. We hope you enjoy viewing the catalog and stand ready to answer any questions you may have.




(Astronomicallee x Visual Addiction), by The Master’s Touch, foaled 2011, bay mare, 14.3 hands


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