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Broadmoor sits high atop one of the rolling hill overlooking the beautiful Lehigh Valley of south central Pennsylvania. The farm is surrounded by fields lush with wheat, soybeans and the sweetest corn one could ever hope to enjoy on a late summer picnic.

Stand And Deliver as he romps throught a fresh field rye. This phenominaol stallion is not only a world chanpion, but a producer of national and world chanpions as well. Contact us today for more information about breeding your mare(s) to this or any of our awesome Morgan.

Broadmoor is known for close relationships with all their clients. This photograph finds some of the Broadmoor gang joining Mike and Dwayne for a romp around NYC. They enjoy everything from fine meals to Broadway shows.

Broadmoor is never difficult to find at horseshows, just ask any one you see in the stable area and they are sure to know the way to Broadmoor. If no one is available to ask for directions, just look for the vibrant blue and red banners.

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About Us

In the Beginning:

Partners Mike Goebig and Dwayne Knowles opened the doors at Broadmoor in 1986. The 50-acre facility is home to some of the most magnificent Morgan show horses in the country. In addition to training and showing, they stand four breeding stallions. Though their backgrounds are different, they share a common goal for Broadmoor, and provide first-class training, showing and breeding services to their clients from around the world.

Growing up in the northwest section of Philadelphia, Mike’s greatest influence was his father. He shared his love and passion for horses with Mike. His mother showed Parade horses. Mike bought his first Morgan when he was 11 years old, Tas Tee’s Indian Summer.

Mike began showing his horse and a few others. When attending all-breed shows in the Mid-Atlantic region, he avidly watched trainers such as Tom Moore, Sullivan Davis, and John Lydon. He also spent a summer in Illinois working for Doris Ryan.

By 1973, Mike had his own training stable in Coopersburg, PA, beginning with seven horses in training. He operated here for ten years, before moving to Louisiana to work for Sally Longenecker of Saralin Farm. Soon the decision was made to open his own facility again, and Broadmoor was born.

    Who we were then: The Growing Years:

Back in Coopersburg, there was a young groom who would ride a grade horse to the barn to work for Mike, mucking out stalls and helping with the feeding process. Eventually Dwayne learned how to work with some of the horses. While attending college, Dwayne spent his summers in Louisiana at Saralin working for Mike, before going out on his own as a trainer working for Nona O’Brien and her family at Limerick Morgans in Virginia.

Throughout this time, both men won numerous world and national championships with horses in their barn. This success of winning impressive show ring championships by pairing the right horses with their amateur and junior exhibitor riders continues to this present day.

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Where we are Now

In addition to their success in the show ring, both Mike and Dwayne donate their time to clinics, sharing their knowledge of training and showing Morgan horses with others. They also donate their services to various fund-raising auctions in the Morgan world. The barn is also open to area 4-H and other youth groups, who want to learn more about the Morgan horse

For years, Mike has been involved with club functions, having served both the Mid-Atlantic Morgan Horse Club as its president and Board member, and the American Morgan Horse Association as it’s president and Board members. Mike was inducted into the AMHA Hall of Fame jn 2007, was a recipient of the AMHA Golden Reins Award in 2001, and won the USEF Equestrians of Honor award and the C.J. “June” Cronan Trophy in 2005.

Some of Mike’s favorite World Champions include: Equinox Damsel, Beams Warlock, Greentree  Maryjane, Paramount Perfection, Three C Avenger, HVK Frango, Opies Boy, The Masters Touch and Stand And Deliver. Mike is also the only six-time winner of the World Park Saddle Championship, an unbelievable accomplishment!

Mike's hobbies include gourmet cooking, traveling and a strong interest in history.

Dwayne is an accomplished USEF large “R” judge, and is licensed to judge Morgans, Saddlebreds, and Saddle Seat Equitation. He has judged many shows throughout the United States, and in 2006, judged the European National Horse Show in England.

Some of Dwayne’s favorites Morgans include: Paramount Your Love, Lorien Top Medalist, Bandelaro, Charlestown Firecracker, Futurity Caveat, Get Busy and Signed Sealed Delivered.

 Dwayne's hobbies include eating gourmet meals, traveling, and enhancing his computer skills.

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